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[IP] Re: insulin and airport x-ray scans

 I was told that there is a possibility of the x-rays damaging the insulin by
the CS Rep at Lilly. While it isn't a common occurence, it is possible, esp if
you have tp go through security more than once. It depends on if the security
people stop the belt and examine the bag for a longer time, too.
 I usually pack an unopened vial and the one I am using, plus a bottle of
Lantus. Rather than take the chance of getting to a foreign country with insulin
that isn't up to par. I usually pack it in an insulated lunch container with one
of those freezer packs to keep it cold, or in a Frio pack. Then there isn't any


> Subject: [IP] Re: insulin and airport x-ray scans

> Yes, the insulin is damaged by heat and the x-rays generate heat.
> If it is not packed with a cold pack, and if it passes through the x-ray, it
> may be damaged.
> Susan

Hi Susan,

Yes, insulin can be damaged by heat; but, in my opinion the X-rays used in
airports for screening do not cause an appreciable heat buildup.

It would be helpful if someone could provide us with a reputable source of
scientific information confirming the quantity of heat increase in a 10 cc
vial of insulin carried within luggage that is going through one, or more,
airport X-ray security checks?

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