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Re: [IP] first day of humalog!

> My first day of taking humalog is here!I got tested at 6:30 AM this
> was 134. I used an insulin to carb ratio of 1:13. I drew a shot of my
> dose of H (going on pump in 2 months)!! ate my breakfast and 2 hours later
> bgs was 145. I then checked
> the 3 hour mark and was 92.  Question, since I dropped from 145 to 92 in 1
> hour, do you think 1:13 is a good ratio even though I spiked up to 145 2
> hours past eating breakfast?

YMMV, but I usually peak between hours 2 and 3 with humalog.   My two hours
are usually a little high but by three hours I am golden.  From the numbers
you gave above, it looks like you probably have some humalog still working
between hours two and three, and that you have the right ratio for now.
These may change a bit once you go on the pump.

-- Sherry
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