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Re: [IP] running tip

If you like to exercise alot,a heart rate monitor might be a good investment.
Aerobic exercise works the heart.
 The only way to know how hard the heart is working is by checking the heart
 The greatest athlete, Lance Armstrong, got that way by using a workout based on
heart rates.
 You can also use percieved output (Can you talk, are you drooling, etc) but now
I'm digressing.
I to use the elevated HR method for checking for Hypoglycemia.
At my last Endo Appointment, my HR was up to 76 (my normal average is 52)
 My Endo said I looked funny (OK funnier than usual) and had the nurse do a
fingerstick - Glucose of 31.

Now to your question, where to find heart rate monitors.
Yes, many sporting goods stores care some versions.
Even WalMart carries the Timex Version.

All monitors work pretty much the same.
you wear a monitor strap around your ribs that have contact electrodes.
this transits to the monitor that you wear like a watch.
Many also include a watch, stopwatch, elapsed timer, lap counter, etc.
 The Heart rate functions can include: heart rate, average heart, resting HR,
max HR, percent of max heart rate, target zones, etc.

The different brands include Timex, Polar, Casio, Cardiosport and many others.

Some online places for more info include:




Good Luck,
John & his sweaty Paradigm

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