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[IP] Backup plan and Lantus

Hello fellow pumper and PoP,

I just wanted to let you know that I have now my backup :o) plan in case my
pump dies :( on me while on vacation (out of the country) or in the event
that I cannot get for some reason a pump in a hurry.  I called my endo and
asked her to prescribe Lantus for just in case (I am going on vacation next

Question - My total basals on the pump is 16.8u my Endo prescribed 8u of
lantus in the event I am off the pump.  Is that the normal starting point?
Half of your Humalog basal?

Funny thing, I am very curious person and usually read the whole pamphlet
inserted in the medication. Well, I was reading it for Lantus, and something
in it made me laugh:
"If you are unconscious get medical assistance immediately."  I just giggle
after reading the sentence.  If you are unconscious I doubt YOU (or I)  can
go get medical assistance on our own we are passed out!!!  I know what they
meant to say but it was just funny - at least for me.

Best regards,
Eloisa and Libertad (MM's 511 Paradigm)
dx'd 2/11/02 pumping since 6/02
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