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Re: [IP] Insulin, X-Rays, and heat

get a fresh cup of ice... only ice.... (pour out ALL the water)
(use a clear plastic cup, so you can see the bottom)
put it through the x-ray....
when it comes out, there will be NO water... just ice 
(IMO-> no melting......... no heat..... no heat.... no degradation)
(yes... i have done it, more then once) 

the chocolate bar test.... a much better test, then you might imagine.

this subject, just seems to keep coming up.

it is quite likely, that more harm is done to the insulin, "on your way to the
then by the x-ray, "IN the airport" (but, i guess its fun to worry)

BTW.... if you are worried, take it out of the bag, and ask them to had examine

ok.... i guess i better put this in, least the ip g-ds, give me heck:
Since NOT all x-ray machines, are necessarily created equal, the one that YOU
use, my differ
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