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RE: [IP] I was denied :-( and school nurses

 --- On Wed 08/13, < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted: Wed, 13
Aug 2003 00:03:40 -0700Subject: RE: [IP] I was denied :-( and school nursesNo
policies at all in place. And yes, I do keep all waste with me all day. I do,
however, keep a sharps container in my classroom as I feel that is safer and I
do get to stay there the majority of the day.I'll remember to have alcohol wipes
with me in the future, though that wasn't the issue. The comment was made as I
started to test.
 Kathleen, when you say there are no policies in place, do you mean for the
school itself, or for the entire district? If it's just for the school, then
find out what the district policies are and follow those. Obviously if it's for
the district, then you are in an odd position of *making policy* :) That's where
the web site Diabetes 123 comes in handy. They have an entire page of links
devoted to this subject. Here is the page url:
http://www.diabetes123.com/d_0q_000.htm I hope you find what you need here and
good luck both with dotting the i's and crossing the t's with Cigna AND solving
the problem with the school. Liz

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