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Re: [IP] running tip

> so where do you get a heart monitor?? Do they sell them at the stores??
> Doctors??
> I too, like to exercise alot, and often have to stop because of being too low
 > and not noticing it... Heart thing sounds good, ....Do you mean like
> that checks your pulse??
> Sorry for sounding stupid...Holly

You need something that reads your heart beat via the current that your heart
produces, it just mean that you buy a watch and a belt that you tie around
your chest which transmits to your watch the heart beat, the best known
brand is polar (again, I DO NOT own any shares in that compagny) also sigma
the entry level are around 50/60$ You can not do what I said with checking
you pulse manually, you 'll never make a difference between a 160 and 140
heart beat that way

Best of luck

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