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[IP] Re: MM "Quick Release Protective Cap Storage Vial"

>         While I guess I could look in the owner's manual, I thought I
>would tap the knowledge base available here.  What is the purpose of the
>referenced storage vial?  It just surfaced from I know not where.  I have
>had my 508 for several years, and have never come across a situation
>where I thought the storage vial might be useful.  Thanks.  Shel Miller

I would think first it would be to judge how important the Quick Set 
Protective Cap is?  It it is not of any importance, then the 
protective vial for it is totally useless.   If you feel like you 
would not be caught dead without the protective cap (or rather that 
you would die from not using it), then a Storage Vial could be of 
some importance.

I don't use the Quickset, but I can say that I do not use a 
protective cap on Ultraflexes or on the Rapid-D's.   I do remember 
one occasion that I wished I had used the cap on a Tender 
(Sil/Comfort)   That is when in the shower a softened bar of soap 
deposited a large amount of itself in the connector passage.  Yuck, 
but not that much of a problem.

George        ;>)
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