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Re: [IP] MM 512

On the 512, can you enter the glucose , or  do you have to have the meter???
Have they released the software yet?

email @ redacted wrote:

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>I use the MM 512 and love their bolus wizard as it does the thinking and 
 > calculations for me. I just program in the carbs and it does the
 > If I plan to exercise after the meal, though, I either put in a lower number
>carbs, or I wait for it to recommend the dose, and then I lower that dose.  
>The MM 512 simply presents a recommendation, and the patient then has the 
>option to lower or raise that does before pressing activate.  Does that help?
>Greetings all,
>It's been a while since I've written but I have been reading :-). Lauren is
>doing quite well, having kept her a1c in the six-range for a full year
>(please, don't let that tempt the "diabetes gods" to strike us!) We are
>awaiting news on whether our other older daughter (16) is seeing onset of D.
>Fingers crossed and a worrisome time.
>In any case, Lauren, who is 11 and has had diabetes for six years, read up
>on the MM 512 and said, "mom, that won't work. Every time I bolus I decide
>to tweak it a little bit for some reason or another. How can the pump and
>meter know I want to give myself a little less because of exercise earlier
>or a little more because I"m not feeling well or whatever?"
>I thought it was a pretty good question, so I'm wondering if anyone knows
>the answer? I'm convinced her good a1c's are the result of tiny little
>nuances we take into account at all times. Any input?
>Mom of Lauren, 11, Pump Princess of Plymouth
>PS: Lauren remains the only child on a pump in our school system of almost
>10,000 kids. Isn't that WEIRD??
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: