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[IP] MM 512

I use the MM 512 and love their bolus wizard as it does the thinking and 
 calculations for me. I just program in the carbs and it does the calculations.
 If I plan to exercise after the meal, though, I either put in a lower number of
carbs, or I wait for it to recommend the dose, and then I lower that dose.  
The MM 512 simply presents a recommendation, and the patient then has the 
option to lower or raise that does before pressing activate.  Does that help?

Greetings all,

It's been a while since I've written but I have been reading :-). Lauren is
doing quite well, having kept her a1c in the six-range for a full year
(please, don't let that tempt the "diabetes gods" to strike us!) We are
awaiting news on whether our other older daughter (16) is seeing onset of D.
Fingers crossed and a worrisome time.

In any case, Lauren, who is 11 and has had diabetes for six years, read up
on the MM 512 and said, "mom, that won't work. Every time I bolus I decide
to tweak it a little bit for some reason or another. How can the pump and
meter know I want to give myself a little less because of exercise earlier
or a little more because I"m not feeling well or whatever?"

I thought it was a pretty good question, so I'm wondering if anyone knows
the answer? I'm convinced her good a1c's are the result of tiny little
nuances we take into account at all times. Any input?



Mom of Lauren, 11, Pump Princess of Plymouth
PS: Lauren remains the only child on a pump in our school system of almost
10,000 kids. Isn't that WEIRD??
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