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Re: [IP] Cigna Denial

On 8/12/03 3:35 PM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted>
Demonstrated stellar typing skills by writing:

> It has been a rough day.  Roller coaster between 109 and 185.  Better
> than yesterday, but man is this hard on my body.
> Latest news:  I got an email back from my doctor who is assigning the
> problem to the practice's referral's lady who has ALWAYS come through
> for me.  She gets me almost all of my referrals with hours of a request.

Sounds like Kendall at our health center. She's always faxing phoning and
such, I made her a T-shirt for the Christmas after they got my pump upgrade.
Had the FAX machine crammed with papers and lighting bolts coming out of it,
shorting out all over, and the caption: "Did you FAX it yet?"

She still wears it sometimes <G>

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Jenny Sutherland
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