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[IP] Tip for those who run

Hello, here is a usfull trick I found out to catch hypos before
they catch you...
I found out that when I run fast, often, I will feal the low too
late to continue running and I need to stop (which when you race
is rather a pain). I run now with a heart monitor (and before the
cynics ask, I do NOT have any share in Polar...) and when my heart beat
is to high for a given speed and even more important, when it does 
not come down fast as I slow down, I know that I am low or getting there
usually for me this happens at about 0.70 I can then sugar up without
stoping. Again this works for me, I have not had diabetes for ages (5
years to be precise) but for reasons unknown to me, during hard exercise
(i.e above 75% of maximal heart beat) I dont feal the lows quickly.
Hope this helps some of you 


Nicolas Eisen

email @ redacted
phone +33 5 49 49 68 79
fax   +33 5 49 49 69 01

Universiti de Poitiers  UFR Sciences SP2MI                   
Dipartement de Mathimatiques                    
Tiliport 2  Boulevard Marie et Pierre Curie      
BP 30179 86962 Futuroscope Chasseneuil Cedex 
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