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Re: [IP] Surgery and glucose in the IV


Have your nurse practitioner and your endo call the eye surgeon and the 
anethesy (sp) department of the hospital.  A couple of years back when I had a 
hysterectomy, this sure helped.  Also talk to them for instructions on how to 
 temporarily drop your basal rate if your blood sugar goes down during the
I set an alarm at 3 am and made a small adjustment then so I was in good shape 
at 6 am.  Walked into the hospital with a 115 blood sugar.  Finally it was 
 apparent to me that the hospital staff was acting weird. I asked them what was
up and apparently they were uncomfortable with my blood sugar that low.  I 
asked them if they would be more comfortable with it being about 175 or so.  

Within a half of an hour I raised my blood sugar to a level they were 
 comfortable with and they put in a saline iv with a piggy backed glucose bag.
said they would only use it if I got below 150.  I told them I did not want it 
above 200 and we went in to surgery.  Needless to say it took a bit of 
 communication with my doctors, the hospital staff and myself. They did NOT use
 glucose! I think the hospital personnel are not use to short acting insulins.
I bet too many times NPH or another long acting insulin has snuck up on them 
while the patient is on the table.

Cee Dee
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