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Re: [IP] Support for Football Player

First, I wish your boy was going to the school I teach, because not 
only do I fight for myself, I fight for the kids.  (See my earlier 

Let me relate to you, your son and other high school kiddos out there 
about what happened when I as a teacher was diagnosed last year.  Maybe 
it will help.

First, my blood sugar shot up over 450 for several weeks after a 
glucose tolerance test, so my being diabetic REALLY affected my class 

I shared (and will share with this group of kids) every bit of 
information I knew would affect my  students.  I told them what was 
going on, about the blood sugar monitor and even the injections, when I 
was put on insulin.  I also taught them how to help me if I had a low, 
or if my sugar was REAL high.  Mainly if I was off on a weird rant, to 
calmly ask me to check my blood sugar.  AND they did.  And once or 
twice I really was messed up.

The interesting thing -- and I'll admit we are a different group of 
people than those in suburban schools, we're urban which makes a huge 
difference on accepting "differences" -- is that they felt free to ask 
me questions at that point.  Many of them had diabetic relatives and 
just didn't know what was going on until I talked about it.  Even 
better yet, is that about a month after I was diagnosed Channel One did 
a week long series on diabetes, covering even gestational diabetes 
(yes, that happens to our teenagers these days), and insulin resistant 
diabetes.  They showed students giving themselves tests, injections, 
and even pumping.  And I bet that material is archived.

I had several students who insisted on knowing every bit about the 
testing process and would remind me to test.  I even had one who wanted 
to see everything about the injections except the actual injection.  
And let's face it, insulin pens are more than slightly cool.

The other neat thing, is that now all the diabetic students get 
"assisgned" to me.  We have a terrific special ed. teacher who likes 
what I do with that population and is really glad to have an expert.  
Last year I had one that spent a lot of time with me and I hope 
encouraged to start taking better care of himself.  He at least claimed 

I believe in sharing and being open about the differences, because 
sometimes we really aren't.

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I am the parent of a freshman football player who is also a pumper.  
out there who has been through this?  My son feels very alone and we are
looking for some advice, suggestions etc. as to how your son may have 
all that pumping and sports brings together.  My son goes to a very 
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