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[IP] I was denied :-( and school nurses

Animus called me this afternoon and told me Cigna had denied me.  At 
this point we don't know why, they wouldn't tell him (privacy), etc.  I 
will get with them at 8:00 am

ARGH!  And my blood sugar has been high all day -- in the 250's.  And 
I've been good about carbs, and not eating junk food.


Oh, and one more thing ...

We started school today -- teacher workshops.  My blood sugar finally 
dropped and I got light headed -- so grabbed my meter and tested.  (was 
at 187, from 250 an hour ago, so that must have done it).  Anyway, 
school nurse was sitting next to me and she said "You need to do that 
in my clinic, blood borne pathogen".  I suspect what got her the most, 
is that I wiped the blood off my forearm onto my dress but oh 
well....but the above was already out of her mouth.

My answer is that by the time I'd get to her office, (at this point 6 
classrooms away), I'd be passed out half way there.

What is the legal response, I know I've seen it in my travels -- I 
figure the kids version works for adults in the classroom too.

Thanks for any links.  I plan to print it out, highlight and put it in 
her box.
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