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[IP] ONLINE INSULIN.com sells Humalog for $23.96 per 10 ML

I asked Online Insulin how to order insulin from them.
They are the Canadian company that sells Humalog for $24. a bottle.
(I don't know what that amounts to in US Dollars)


This is what they sent me:


In order to set up an account with us, you would have to fill out a power of
attorney form and our questionnaire.

We strictly ship directly to the patients home.

1. Log on to our website: www.canadameds.com

2. "click" on "PLACE AN ORDER"

3. "click" on "OPTION A" as you are a new patient ordering prescription

4. On this screen, you have a choice of filling out the patient disclaimer
on-line or by fax. "Click" on your choice. Once you have filled out the
power of attorney form and questionnaire forms, you would need to fax or
mail us your prescription(s).We can also contact your Doctor or Pharmacy.
There is an area to specify how we are to receive your prescriptions. Our
fax number is 1-877-994-2121. If you need to mail us the information here is
our address:

885 Main Street

Winnipeg, MB

R2W 3P2


5. Once we receive the power of attorney and questionnaire forms and the
prescriptions, it would take about 21-30 days for you to receive your

6. If possible, submit all of the information at almost the same time, this
will help us to receive the information together and the order will be
processed sooner.

7. If you require us to mail out this information to someone please contact
us and request us to do so. Please include the individuals name and current 
address. We will
be happy to assist them in ordering.

8. If you have numerous people who would like to order medications from our
company they will ALL need to fill out their own disclaimer and 
questionnaire. They are
considered separate clients.

9. If you would like to search our medication prices please visit our
website at www.canadameds.com and all of the prices are made available to

**Once we match up the patient disclaimer form, the questionnaire, and the
prescriptions for the requested medications, it takes about 21-30 days for
you to receive your initial order**


The maximum shipment we can ship out is a 90 day supply (3 months) due to
customs regulations. We ship using strictly regular mail. (CanadaPost)

The Prescriptions for each separate client NEED to be submitted all at once
if the client wishes to have all or their medications shipped together.

We do require prescriptions for any medications that you require us to fill.
Please ensure the prescription(s) you submit are no more than a year old
from today's date.

There is an area at the end of the questionnaire for you to enter your
credit card information.

Prices are given in U.S. and Canadian fees online at www.canadameds.com.
They are the same amounts, they are just in different currencies.

Medications will be filled with generics unless otherwise specified.
Prescriptions will also be filled with the closest bottle size available for
that medication, this is so our clients will receive their medications in
the original, sealed manufacturers bottle.

Methods of Payment that we accept are: Visa, Mastercard, American Express,
bank certified cheques, and International money orders. If you chose to pay
by cheque or money order we will contact you with the total cost of your
order once we receive all of your information.

Canadameds does not deal with any type of insurance company. Clients are
supplied with an invoice that they may use for their own insurance purposes.

Canadameds CANNOT ship out narcotics or controlled substances.

Once the refills on your present prescription run out, we will require a new
prescription from you. Please keep in mind that you will need to contact us
once you require a refill. Please allow at least three weeks for you to
receive the refill order.


This fee is added on to the cost of the medication:

1. Shipping and Handling fee: $19.99(canadianfunds) Per Package: (this means
you can have as many as 10 prescriptions in one package)

The dispensing fee is included in the price of the medication.


Price quotes are given to you in APPROXIMATE value. They do vary as they are
based on the exchange rate.

If you require further information please visit our website
www.canadameds.com or call our toll free number at

for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: