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Re: [IP] high protein in urine

>From the little i know, its not good. Make sure to follow thru with your
doctor and come to 
a conclusion. I doubt that the D is the problem, more than likely the
infection, but
do follow thru.


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>Hi all,
>I just received the results of a urinalysis, with a protein level of 251! 
>(Apparently normal is below 30?) I have type 1 diabetes, but I also have a 
>kidney infection/UTI--the reason for the urinalysis in the first place. 
>Supposedly these UTIs can cause wacky protein values, but it makes me 
>nervous to see one this high. I'm 22 years old, have had T1 since 1993, and 
>have no other existing complications. What would you make of this?
>Thanks for your help!!
>Dx'd 6/93, Pumping since 3/01
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