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RE: [IP] Roller Coasters

> >>i just went to a local park and i chose to suspend the pump and just take
> >>shots for the day. My concern was the pump getting damage or lost by 
> any >>of the rides... some were high impact.

the thought of that, for ME (just me... only me), is simply repulsive 
(YNMD)....(shots... what are they ?????)
shots ????? id rather stay home.... BUT i dont...
i take the pump off, for the 2 to 4 minutes, most rides take.
(i give, it, and my bag, to the operator to hold)....
(or someone else, in the group, and we split turns)

my fear, has nothing to do with he pump itself. my fear is,
that the ride makes a sharp RIGHT turn, and my pump, decides to make a 
sharp LEFT turn....(please... no physics lessons)

(personally, i could live without them, but, i cant look like a scardy-cat, 
in front of my kid ;-)

(the views express here, are mine, and only mine.... you dont have to 
agree, and would likely be considered more intelligent, if you didnt)
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