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[IP] Re: high protein in urine

>>>I just received the results of a urinalysis, with a protein level of 251!
(Apparently normal is below 30?) I have type 1 diabetes, but I also have a
kidney infection/UTI--the reason for the urinalysis in the first place.
Supposedly these UTIs can cause wacky protein values, but it makes me
nervous to see one this high. I'm 22 years old, have had T1 since 1993, and
have no other existing complications. What would you make of this? >>>


Since you have IDDM, and since kidney failure is a common complication, for
you to be more comfortable I'd suggest a referral to a nephrologist
(specializing in kidney care). There may be some early treatment one can
advise that would keep you *going* (pardon the intended pun!) far longer
than if you ignore it.

We mostly recommend endocrinologists instead of GPs for DM care; therefore I
recommend a kidneyologist for kidney care.

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