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Re: [IP] Medicare coverage???

> Trying to find out , just WHAT does Medicare pay for????   My MM rep
> said that everything would be covered by Medicare and my AARP
> Supplement.  I'm not that lucky!!!!  Has to be some exceptions in
> there :)
> Another question if I may,   What does a 'C-Peptide' test test for??
> Insulin??? I know they use it to determine the type of diabetes, ( <
> than the detection limit = type 1, no insulin produced,) If so then
> won't  it report my Lantus and Novolog??? 

C-Peptide is a protein molecule that is left over when "real" human 
inslin cleaves during use. Insulin in vials does not have this 
protein. The test measures the presence of C-Peptide and uses it as 
an indicator of insulin production by the pancreas. It's not a 
particularly accurate test and is prone to false high readings. I'm 
not familiar with the "routine" for preparing for a C-Peptide test, 
but I'm sure some of the other list members can provide details on 
how to help prevent false high readings.

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