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Re: [IP] Too much insulin?

> Hi folks.
> I have an odd question no ones been able to answer
> for me yet. No even when I've asked the doctors this
> they are baffled.
> I'm an odd one to start with. (well maybe) It seems if
> I take too much insulin, I don't have radical lows like
> most do, I have radical highs. I was running mid 130-140's
> with a .8u/hr basal rate, and 10:1 carb/insulin ratio.
> I dropped my ratio down to 12:1 today i've had 14.1u
> my basal is set like this: 12am - .5u/hr / 2am - .8u/hr / 5am -
> .7u/hr (16.7u/per day) now on that setting, i'm doing about
> 140-160gm carbs a day basal is about 55% .. bolus is 45% ... my
> daily averages are about 115-120. while i'm not complaining, i'm
> confused. why is it, I can get lows on a lower amount, but if I
> overshoot, I go high? yes, i've sat and tested like every 15mins to
> try to catch a "low" figuring my liver dumped.
> just any thoughts to help me (lol, or lie to me) figure out an
> explaination would be appreciated.
> thanks.
> Reisa
This is only a guess, but the big change in ratio may be the problem 
if the high typically follows a meal. Very small changes in ratio can 
affect overall control more than you might imagine. It's important to 
get fasting basals stable FIRST then mess with ratios with simple 
meals with well controlled and know carb content. A week of those and 
the data from your log book will allow you to fine tune your ratios. 
Typically ratios being off a little affects bg's 3-5 hours later 
where you expect them to be stable but they are either too high or 
low on a fairly predictible basis.

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