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Re: [IP] keep it cold?

> RoseLea, i think you might be confusing it with Lantus, it is only
> good for 28 days after opened no matter what.

The 28 day matter is a "standard" in the medical industry that has to 
do with sterility. Once opened, injectable solutions are discarded 
after a month {{period}}. What you do at home is your own business. 
The material does not deteriorate any faster or slower just because 
you've pushed a syringe through the seal. You "may" have introduced 
bacteria by doing that, and that is why the medical industry trashes 
the stuff. The rate at which insulin and insulin-analogs degrades is 
primarily related to storage temperature. Degradation is a non-linear 
process that accelerates at higher temperatures. Keep it really cold 
(but do not freeze) and it will last a very long time.


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