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Re: [IP] Support for Football Player

Jenny is in 10th grade at at large high school (2,000 kids). Last year 
she played field hockey, soccer, and track. During the school day, Jenny 
kept her glucometer with her - although the nurse had all the back up 
supplies in her office. i think the only time Jenny went to see her was 
to change batteries.

Things may be different for boys, but Jenny did ok with sports and the 
pump. She always checked glucose before she started and midway through 
practice / games. She disconnected from her pump most days, giving 
herself about half the missed basal before she disconnected, depending 
on the level of activity she anticipated (track practice days were 
usually more strenuous than track meet days).

I think the biggest hurdle was for Jenny to decide she would check 
glucose in front of her new high school friends. The middle school kids 
had been very cool with it. She tried it and found out it wasn't a 
problem in  hs either.

Good luck. It is so important for our kids to feel as normal as they can.
Also, make sure the school has several adults trained to give glucagon. 
That was our big battle at the beginning of high school'


Jocelyn Robinson wrote:

>I am the parent of a freshman football player who is also a pumper.  Anyone
>out there who has been through this?  My son feels very alone and we are
>looking for some advice, suggestions etc. as to how your son may have handled
>all that pumping and sports brings together.  My son goes to a very large
>suburban High School.  They are very cooperative, but he does not like being
>different and feels like he is the only one going through this.  I know that
>is not true.  I would love to hear from anyone who can share with us their
>success stories.  Thanks.
>Jocelyn, Brian's mom
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