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RE: [IP] Re: boiling glass syringes

In the old days for me (late 50's), I used to have to carry graham crackers
in waxed paper and an old amber pill bottle full of Welch's grape juice.  I
sure did feel different for a seventh grader.  And \my blood sugar used to
get very low (even though my urine test was okay) and get so confused I
wouldn't even take the grape juice.   What a time.  My folks also didn't
have any insurance.  I spent two weeks at the hospital learning how to give
a shot to an orange and how to boil my urine sample.

How things have changed -- and all for the better.  Joel

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> Howard Schlight
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> ah, like my  mom said wehn we got kids 'paybacks are he**;
> or 'what goes around comes around'
> my hubby asked his dad how come you let us live dad? after our
> kids moved in
> i am amazed that my mom had others after all the trouble i gave her back
> then
> Michelle
> dx age 11 in 1968
> i remember the school nurse thinking athat a snack (for a low)
> was milk and
> pineapple, that sure did curdle in the guts
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> > I was diagnosed at age 8 in 1963.  I remember taking my "stuff"
> to school
> and
> > explained to the class all about diabetes and the art of giving
> shots!  I
> do
> > believe I got an A for my efforts also.  It sure helped the
> other kids and
> the
> > teacher know about diabetes.  I never had trouble in school
> until I got to
> >  the 7th grade and my bg was so high I was like a walking zombie in the
> halls. I
> > ended up in the hospital for a month and dad with no insurance!!!  Same
> thing
> > when I was diagnosed at age 8, no insurance.  Man, I was a costly
> child!!!!
> >
> > Debbie
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