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[IP] Re: The joke of sugar-free foods

I've seen that as well.  Typically, they have this little footnote that says 
something along the lines of saying that the carbs in this product are not 
absorbed into the body readily, or some such nonsense.  So, even though they 
have to list the carbs, they are basically saying it is "free carbs".  If only 
I could convince my blood glucose levels that were true!  :-)

Besides, those "carb-free" bars still taste NOTHING like a good Hershey bar, 
 Snickers, Big Kat, 3 Muskateers, or the like! :-) (Hmm...all of a sudden, I'm
having a craving for some chocolate...time to hit the vending machine!)


>I was in 7-11 the other day and saw some chocolate that said "zero carbs,
>zero sugar"... I flipped it over and the nutrition label read "Carbohydrates
>15".  What a joke!  Talk about false advertising...  I could understand the
>sugar free labeling, but the zero Carb labeling?  The makers of the item
>must think that we are stupid!  It is sad how they try to capitalize on diet
>type stuff for people trying to lose weight, people that are health
>conscious and people with diabetes!
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