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Re: [IP] Minimed Paradigm Pump

This is my first pump, i was exposed to 3 others and the Paradigm seemed
simple enough for
me. As mentioned changing sets takes no time, while its rewinding i am
filling a resorvoir
and connecting it to the infusion set and so on.

As for its features, it seemed simpler to operate than others.


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>I don't want to a an arguement but I have a Paradigm 512 and I could not be 
>happier so far. The only thing I see wrong is he battery life is short. I 
>get about 8 days but I have everything turned on. Compared to the H-trons 
>this has got to be the simplest pump I have ever used.  Just my opinion.
>Paul, dx May1988, Pumping since Oct 2001
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