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Re: [IP] Minimed Paradigm Pump

I had some problems with the order dept. On my first refill of supplies, i
called to order
and was told there were problems with my insurance co. but they would look
into it and let
me know. I GOT 5 SETS LEFT, i change every 3 days....... A week later i
call back (not that
they would call me) and still no reslution....  Finally they tell me my
prescription had
expired.........   I call my insurance company (i'll make a long story
short) and find
that prescriptions are WRITTEN FOR ONE YEAR) I call MM only to find out
that they had
ENTERED THE WRONG DATE>>>>>>>>  I've only had the pump since 4/03.... They
entered this
date rather than 4/04...... Lights on, nobody home......


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>I have recently received the latest Minimed Paradign 512 pump and what a
>disappointment on numerous levels.  I can't help but wonder, what idiot 
> designed the new 512 pump to be completely intuitively opposite of the
>pump designs, i.e. it's literally upside down when programming a bolus or
> general use when you're wearing it. This might be fine for a new user,
but for
>someone who has been using a pump long term, it's extremely annoying.  But 
>that's minor compared to all of the other flaws in this pump.
>The priming function is ridiculously complicated between having to rewind,
>remove portions of the syringe, even inserting the syringe into the insulin
>vial, is way too complicated!!  Nothing intuitive about this lousy design!  
>Plus none of the supplies are interchangeable from previous pumps showing 
>further wasteful mentality from Minimed.  
>Minimed has further demonstrated complete ineptness in their return 
> procedures. A few weeks ago, I returned several boxes of defective syringes
>(from my
>old pump) and they sent back a huge box filled with large envelopes
>two new reservoirs in each envelope.   Rather than simply replace the full 
>boxes I sent them, someone in their organization spent time individually 
>packaging these things, wasting time, postage, and large envelopes.  
>Now that I had the new pump I asked if I could exchange these individually 
>packaged reservoirs for the kind that go with the new pump, and they told
me I 
>would have to return them to the return department, who would then send me 
>properly boxed reservoirs (for the old pump) which I would then have to
>again, so they could exchange the full boxes for the kind that go with the
> pump. I asked them why couldn't I just return the individally packaged
>to them and they walk it over to the proper department (in the very same 
> building) and simply have them send out the right product. The utter
>of this process is unspeakable.  I can't believe these people are actually 
> manufacturing life saving medical devices, but can't figure out how to
>product without adding numerous extra steps and expenses to the process.  To 
>me, this is utter incompetence!!!
>Back to the pump review...
>The time and date now longer display routinely which is a huge
>inconvenience when a user gets used to relying on that information.  Now to
>display it you have go through numerous screens and buttons before it will
>even display!  More foolishness!!
>And the battery life is outrageously LOW.  The previous batteries (which
>are readily available in the hearing aid section from any drug store for
>someone buying them in a store if they don't get them from MiniMed) lasted
>so much longer??  Why would a designer move away from something that worked
>to complete inefficiency??!!  In my first week with the Paradigm, the AAA 
> battery lasted only FOUR DAYS!!!! They suggest that AAA batteries are
>what kind of cost savings is that if they battery has to be changed almost 
>twice a week????!!!  (In addition to the inconvenience.)  It is this reason 
>specially that I am going back to my old pump. 
>Additionally to claim that it's 33% smaller than prior pumps is a blatant
>lie.  Maybe it's 5% smaller due to the rounded edges, but even with the belt 
>clip, it seems actually larger!! 
>And with the belt clip in place you can't read any of the information (e.g.
>phone numbers) on the back of the pump.  Granted this is only an
>occassional need, but given how extremely difficult it is to apply and
>remove this just another example of really bad design.
>This pump should have had more user feedback prior to release to the
>public.  It seems they skipped this step or perhaps only focused on
>the perspective of the new user without any pump experience which was huge
>The key features copied from the Cozmo insulin pump are the rare beneficial
>elements for the user.  It provides automatic readings from one type of
>although not one covered by my insurance but it does allow for manual
>For example, blood glucose tracking and suggested corrections are nice even 
>though this still has numerous errors which can actually be dangerous to the 
>user. But these features are of minimal benefit to an experienced diabetic
>can figure out how much insulin to take based on how many carbs they're
>Finally, they still offer NO means of connecting the data to a computer for
>tracking and trending.  If the idea of tracking the info was to save the
>time in having to write everything down, they've leaft the user hanging.
>Minimed says it will be ready eventually,  sometime in the next several
>I had considered the Cozmo.  I'm not sure if it's any better.  If anyone has 
>any feedback in comparison with the issues noted above, please let me know. 
>Nancy  :)
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