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[IP] Re: Minimed Paradigm Pump

Yes, the buttons/screen are "upside down" but you do get used to it.. I have
no problems reaching for the "bottom" of the pump now ;)  I'm fairly sure
the cozmo design is similar.

I don't find the priming/rewind to be that complicated... normally I set it
to rewind and as I'm doing that I refill my resevoir, which I don't find to
be that complicated either.. simply snap the whole setup on the bottle, push
the needle in, fill it up, take off the plunger and cap, and it's ready to
go.  Honestly, this system is a HUGE improvement over prior MM reseviors..
with the paradigm resevoirs you can easily carry an extra one, already full,
with you.  With previous MM pumps you had to carry a vial along with the
resevoir syringe.  I'd gladly take a few more steps in preparation than to
have to travel w/ all of that.

I can't address the old 508 resevoir packaging/return issue, I've yet to
have anything happen like that.

The time, last bolus, current basal rate, and other status items are easily
accessable by hitting "esc".  No menus or excessive button pushing involved.
I find this a lot easier honestly, as if I want to check to make sure a
bolus was delivered in the amount I meant to program (sometimes I forget I
wanted to eat more, etc), it's easy to double check that I got it right
rather than going through the menus to see it.

I've had no problems with batteries.  I use plain energizer max batteries
(often get them on sale here buy one get one free) and I easily get a month
or more from each one, but I don't use the backlight, vibrate, or remote
very often.  On a side note though, every battery I've ever gotten "new"
with a pump from MM doesn't last long.  I normally just get a "fresh" one
from my own supply and use that.

The size comparison is not compared to OTHER MiniMed pumps, but to other
pumps on the market, I think they are actually referring to a Disetronic
model when claiming the paradigm is 33% smaller.

I don't actually have the 512, so I can't comment on the features specific
to that pump, but overall I'm pleased with the design and menu system of the

It may be possible that the Paradigm is just not the pump for you.  We're
all different and expect different things from our pumps.  There may be
another design better suited to your specific needs.

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