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Re: [IP] Too much insulin?

thanks sherry, i'm thinking this is what is going on with me
if I take over 60u a day, then I run over 200, thats a given.
if I take under 35u i run hardly ever over 140.

mind you.. lol have to compensate for "pig-outs"

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Subject: Re: [IP] Too much insulin?

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> > Although I don't really know the answer (sigh), I've seen it happen by
> some
> > people.  Once they reduced their insulin doses, their BG's leveled out,
> > funny as it sounds.
> > I know that by type 2 diabetics there is a phenomenon (according to some
> > doctors) that hyperinsulinisim (too much insulin) would lead to insulin
> > resistance (insulin not working well).  Maybe it's somehow related.  Who
> > knows?
> This actually happens with Type 1's also.  I am one of them.  During
> my insulin needs skyrocketed with hormones going crazy, as well as my
> realization of taking more insulin meant eating more "bad" foods.  It got
> the point that I was injecting more insulin then the doctors even knew.  I
> had a few severe lows during the mornings but for the most part my blood
> sugars ranged when testing between 100 and 350 on NPH and R.  My A1C's
> atrocious at around 12 but my doctor kept telling my parents this was
> typical for a teenager.
> This horrible practice of overinsultating continued through college and on
> and I was taking all the extra insulin without the extra foods and my bgs
> weren't great.  My A1C's were in the mid 8's.  I finally went to a doctor
> get on a pump and they were amazed at how much insulin I was taking in a
> (~ 160 units).  We reduced my amount of insulin to around 100 units a day
> when I went on the pump, and within a few weeks I was down to 50 -70 units
> day.  I know take around 35- 45 a day and nothing has changed dietwise, or
> excercise.  I did lose some weight last year and it dropped me from 40 -
> to 35- 45 a day.
> Pretty soon I am going to try out reducing it some more and see what
> happens.  I am in shock at how much insulin I was taking.  But the long
> effect was that I became more resistant to the insulin.  One of the things
> that the doctors think that helped to regain my sensitivity was the move
> from NPH and R to Humalog.  My body hadn't built up a resistance to the
> analog so that was a good thing.  Also, my body isn't dumping stored
> as much to counteract the extra insulin so I don't have as many
> highs.
> Just a thought,
> Sherry
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