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Re: [IP] Too much insulin?

> Although I don't really know the answer (sigh), I've seen it happen by
> people.  Once they reduced their insulin doses, their BG's leveled out, as
> funny as it sounds.
> I know that by type 2 diabetics there is a phenomenon (according to some
> doctors) that hyperinsulinisim (too much insulin) would lead to insulin
> resistance (insulin not working well).  Maybe it's somehow related.  Who
> knows?

This actually happens with Type 1's also.  I am one of them.  During puberty
my insulin needs skyrocketed with hormones going crazy, as well as my
realization of taking more insulin meant eating more "bad" foods.  It got to
the point that I was injecting more insulin then the doctors even knew.  I
had a few severe lows during the mornings but for the most part my blood
sugars ranged when testing between 100 and 350 on NPH and R.  My A1C's were
atrocious at around 12 but my doctor kept telling my parents this was
typical for a teenager.

This horrible practice of overinsultating continued through college and on
and I was taking all the extra insulin without the extra foods and my bgs
weren't great.  My A1C's were in the mid 8's.  I finally went to a doctor to
get on a pump and they were amazed at how much insulin I was taking in a day
(~ 160 units).  We reduced my amount of insulin to around 100 units a day
when I went on the pump, and within a few weeks I was down to 50 -70 units a
day.  I know take around 35- 45 a day and nothing has changed dietwise, or
excercise.  I did lose some weight last year and it dropped me from 40 - 50
to 35- 45 a day.

Pretty soon I am going to try out reducing it some more and see what
happens.  I am in shock at how much insulin I was taking.  But the long term
effect was that I became more resistant to the insulin.  One of the things
that the doctors think that helped to regain my sensitivity was the move
from NPH and R to Humalog.  My body hadn't built up a resistance to the
analog so that was a good thing.  Also, my body isn't dumping stored glucose
as much to counteract the extra insulin so I don't have as many unexplained

Just a thought,
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