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[IP] Re: Hypos and heart problems

Elizabeth worte:  I can promise you that the STANDARD treatment for the 
 majority of type II diabetics is NOT 10 pills a day. And for almost every type
we are still producing
insulin...it's just that we can't seem to use it properly. In fact, it is a 
rare type II who is not producing insulin still. The ER doctor is not an
MY REPLY:   Elizabeth, this was an endocrinologist not the ER doctor who said 
this.  She said the 10 pills was the NEW treatment. The endocriologist was 
 very concerned about the amount of caffeine my husband consumes in Diet Pepsi.
She said this has a negative effect on the pancreas.  He agreed to give up his 
20 some cans per day, but still has 2 cups of coffee each morning.   But I 
sitll don't think my husband has diabetes.  His blood sugar will rise to 160 - 
170 after a high carb meal or snack but quickly goes back to about 100.  If he 
skips a meal, he often drops to the 40's.  I realize he has a pancrease 
 disorder, but since he takes no type of diabetes medication, I don't see how
could be diabetes.  Doesn't everyone have a little rise in their blood sugar 
 after meals? The scary part is that my husband's father died in a diabetic coma
before he even knew he had diabetes.   He was in his 70's so I assume it was 
type 2.  Although, he had a horrible accident 2 years prior to this and the 
doctor said something about an injury to a gland or something.  He suffered 
critical head, chest and arm injures by falling from a roof.   
Since this not a pump issue, I'll drop this subject on this board, but does 
anyone know of a board for type 2 diabetics?
Susan S.
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