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[IP] Re: Surgery and glucose

Laurie Davis Wrote:  ....."I  had cataract surgery about 10 days ago and will
have the second eye done next week.  The admitting office told me that they
only used glucose in the IV's for diabetics on shots and for those on the pump
they did not use
glucose unless the patient wanted it - they felt they patient knows best
(what a novel idea!).  When I had my surgery of course the nurse had not
heard of this and say all diabetics get glucose in their IV's"
My reply:
Cory had vascular surgery on a thumb last year.  I too was extremely
concerned.  His was outpatient surgery and the "no food" prior to surgery was
a major
concern due to the risk of hypoglycemia.  I was afraid he'd go low - have to
treat it and then have his surgery rescheduled.  But as soon as we got to the
hospital they put in a glucose IV.  I think it was 10% glucose.  Now I worried
that his blood sugar would go too high.  Hey, I do a great job of worrying!
Wonder if someone would like to hire me to do their worrying for them?
they let him keep his pump on the entire time he was at the hospital - even
during surgery.  His blood sugar was about 180, post surgery and they let me
manage all his diabetes care from then until dismissal.  Everything worked out
just fine.
Wish you the best of luck during your surgery and a quick recovery.
Susan S.
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