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No Subject

I have a Glucowatch for sale if anyone may be interested.   It is the
original Glucowatch, NOT the G2.   It takes 3 hours to calibrate.  My
daughter does not like it because it itches her.  She'd rather prick her
fingers!!   Also, a problem I found, (and actually is why I stopped using
it), is the Glucowatch left white marks on her arm.  
Finally...............after almost a year and a trip to the
dermatologist, they seem to be gone.  Maybe it's because she has fair
skin.  Anyone using the Glucowatch, be very aware that it can leave
permanent marks on your skin.  But.................with all that negative
info (just trying to be honest!), if someone out there would still like
to buy one e-mail me at email @ redacted   Please put "Glucowatch" in
the subject or I won't realize it's legimate e-mail and I'll erase it! .


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