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[IP] RE: Problem withEmla Cream.

You are understanding this correctly, Artoruis!   I have no clue as to
what changed.  Maybe the fact that she's not used to shots anymore????   
But, she NEVER screamed like this with the insulin shots and she didn't
scream like this the first few months on the pump.     Date: Fri, 8 Aug
2003 10:56:04 -0700 (PDT) From: Artorius Rex Subject: Re: [IP] Problem
with Emla Cream..HELP!! If I understand you correctly, it sounds like she
wasn't screaming before. Now that she is, you're using the Emla, right?
What changed that is making her scream where she didn't before? - ---
Sandra Winkworth wrote: > My 9 year old daughter has been screaming
terrilby with the insertion > lately. I started using the Emla Cream. It
does the job great as far as > numbing, HOWEVER, this is causing another
problem. When I wipe and wash > the cream off before insertion (and let
it dry), the cream is making


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