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[IP] Re: Boiling Glass Syringes

In about 1962 I was taking a speech class at the local university and had to
give an informative speech.  I took a pyrex measuring cup and one of those
plug in instant heaters for a cup of water to boil my syringe.  I then
demonstrated how I assembled the syringe and needle and gave myself a shot in
the upper arm.  Well, the needle must have hit some scar tissue, because it
bent.  Several of the young ladies sitting on the front row turned a little
white, and one almost passed out.  After the class, my instructor cautioned me
not to do anything like that again in her class.  I think that I did get an
"A" for the speech.

Dx 6/1960
Pumping since 1997
61st bd 08/16
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