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[IP] Surgery and glucose in the IV

I'm getting ready to have another vitrectomy on Aug. 25th.  I had the left 
eye done in January.  I was told "Don't take your insulin the morning of", I 
 said I'm on the pump and I was told "Oh, well, can you take it off?" Being new
to all of this, I obeyed the people who didn't know what they were dealing 
 with. I came out of surgery with a BS of 398 and it took all day trying to
it down.  I saw my nurse pract. and told her about it and she said "Karen, you 
just tell them you are leaving your pump on and you are just going to have to 
put your foot down."  I've also read about people doing that on this list, so 
I feel much better prepared this time around.  I called the anesth. 
 department, cuz they are apparently the people with the concern and told them I
to keep my pump attached, I understand you don't want me to go low, I'm 
 willing to work with you, and she said, hold on, came back to the phone and
said Dr.
Jenkins said you can keep your pump on.  I said OK, and asked if while I was 
out, does anyone check my BS while I'm in surgery and she said "ask the 
 anesth. the morning of." I swear, how can people be in the medical profession
not now this stuff????  So, I will ask the morning off, and I will have my 
husband has every hour "Can you tell me what my wife's sugar is?" so they will 
 hopefully monitor me. The money that is paid from both my insurance and then my
out of pocket, you'd think this wouldn't be an issue.  
Again, thanks to this list, I'm standing firmer on my diabetes care this time 
around.  And now I have another question for the morning of, am I getting IV 
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