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[IP] Re: Surgery and glucose in the IV

I had cataract surgery about 10 days ago and will have the second eye done
next week.  The admitting office told me that they only used glucose in the
IV's for diabetics on shots and for those on the pump they did not use
glucose unless the patient wanted it - they felt they patient knows best
(what a novel idea!).  When I had my surgery of course the nurse had not
heard of this and say all diabetics get glucose in their IV's.  Of course I
had not planned on getting glucose and ended up going higher thatn I would
have rathered (317).      I asked my doctor if I could not have glucose the
2nd time because my blood sugar stays very steady between 6 - 11 (during
period I would be at hospital).  He said he would prefer I go high rather
that take a change on going low.  I would agree and am probably more
paranoid about going low before/during a surgery thatn most people.  When I
had my hysterectomy and was on shots, my doctor let me eat oatmeal at 3:00
a.m. because I was so worried about it (surgery was at 11:00).

My question is - does anyone know how to calculate carbs for the glucose in
ab IV?  I know I can and probably will correct after the surgery but just
would like to know what amount is in the IV.

Also during this surgery I realized that I suffer from separation anxiety
when I don't have my meter with me!  I really wanted to take it with me for
the surgery but was talked out of it.  I don't like to give up control of my
blood sugar to someone else even it if is for a short period of time.
Sometimes it's hard to believe I went the first 10 years without blood sugar
testing and now I'm afraid to not have it available when I want it for even
1 hour!

Age 45, Type 1 for almost 30 years, pumping 4 years
With new empathy for people who live with impaired vision every day!
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