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[IP] Re: DME Coverage for Tape?

> From: "Sarah Easter" <email @ redacted>
> MM just informed me that their contract with my insurance (United
> through Dell computers) no longer covers tape or IV prep, only my sets and
> resevoirs..

Sara - I also have United HealthCare and I just ordered IV Preps and was
told the same thing but didn't realize it also applied to the IV3000.  When
I had UHC before they didn't cover the preps but covered everything else (at
the time I had 100% coverage).  I don't mind the 12.00 for the preps but the
IV3000 at 50.00 a box is alot.  I'm currently using 2 IV3000 per site.  One
underneath to prevent rashes and one on top to keep it in place (without
which I had more trouble with kinks and more set changes so would be more
expensive in the long run aside from the risks of high blood sugar).

> already paying a lot for my insulin (Novolog) since it's not a "formulary"
> drug - $40 a month at the pharmacy or $80 for 3 months mail order.  I also
> take two other meds on a regular basis (Zyrtec, Flovent) along with paying
> for "non-formulary" test strips (all they cover is AccuCheck products, and
> you'd have to pry my one touch ultra out of my cold dead hands)

Is this new too?  I know all UHC agreements are different for each company
but I have been paying the regular copay of $20.00 for Novalog at Walgreens
and $40.00 for 3 months of One Touch Ultra Strips through the mail order
supply (Medco Health) or $20.00 per month at Walgreens.  Of course last year
I had an HMO that covered strips, syringes, pump supplies at 100% and
insulin @ $10.00 per month - I really miss that!  Especially since I now
have me and my daughter to buy diabetic meds for.

Age 45, Type 1 almost 30 years, pumping 4 years and daughter Melinda, age
19, Type 1 - 9 months on MDI
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