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RE: [IP] hypos and heart problems

 --- On Sun 08/10, < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted: Sun, 10 Aug
2003 02:20:13 EDTSubject: [IP] hypos and heart problems
 She saidthat myhusband's tests show that he is genetically predisposed to
develope diabetesandwill be there within the year unless he makes diet changes.
She also said thatthe treatment for type 2 now is to take 10 pills per day! I'm
sure that is only for those who are still producing insulin. Susan
 Susan, I'm a type II and was hypoglycemic prior to becoming diabetic. And I can
promise you that the STANDARD treatment for the majority of type II diabetics is
NOT 10 pills a day. And for almost every type II, we are still producing
insulin...it's just that we can't seem to use it properly. In fact, it is a very
rare type II who is not producing insulin still. The ER doctor is not an
endocrinologist. So don't take her word for what will happen. And even if he
does make diet changes, he could still develop diabetes. That *threat* is just
that. But way of eating changes, the kind you make for life are good for you.
diets imply that you can eventually come off them but we can't...this is
permanent. So most of the people I know on another diabetes list calls it a way
of eating. Sounds much nicer to the ears. Introduce the changes slowly if
possible. He'll get use to them. Liz

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