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Re: [IP] keep it cold?

> Lilly... told me once opened, [Humalog] was good for 28 days even if
> refrigerated.

Yes, that's Lilly's standard refrain. IMHO, it's a CYA response. They
cannot *ever* get into trouble with such an answer. Also, it promotes

It's not easy finding a better answer about insulin storage life. We
get a lot of case histories on this list (mine follows), but there are
multiple explanations for elevated bg after insulin administration.

Finding research results about insulin potency is not easy, either,
since insulin isn't a particularly expensive drug and renewing stocks
every 28 days is sufficient to avoid problems.

IAC, I always keep a 4-6 month supply of insulin in the refrigerator
and use the oldest first. I've also used insulin stored at *ambient*
temperature for 6 months. Despite such habits, I've never EVER
detected a loss of potency. I refill my insulin reservoir supply
weekly, mixing "new" insulin (from a bottle stored at ambient
temperature) with old. I'm somewhat perplexed by the folks who claim
that their insulin only lasts 2-3 days.

To see the research results I've collected that support long insulin
storage life, please click here: http://tinyurl.com/f5yr and here:

NOTE: When clicking on the first link, you'll be asked to log into the
IP archives. Remember to enter the same e-mail address used to receive
your IP messages. The password is "pumper" (lower case, without the
quotes). The second link requires no login -- just click.


And remember, as in all things diabetic, YMMV.

regards, Andy
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