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[IP] hypos and heart problems

For over 30 years, my husband has had hypoglycemia.  Recently, the episodes 
 were becoming more frequent and the onset much more rapid. He was driving home
the other day when he had all the symptoms of a severe hypo episode.  
 Thankfully, he was able to get his car off the road and he always carries food
 him. He ate 1 small candy bar while waiting for the emergency squad to arrive.
 It took them a long time to find him, but when they got there they tested 
 his blood sugar and it was 100. They said he had an irregular heart rhythm. I
wasn't too concerend as I still figured this was due to the hypo episode.  
 After a chemical stress test, echocardigram, heart cath and electrical test, it
was determined that my husband's heart was extremely enlarged, was beating too 
rapidly and was only functioning at 12%.  The doctor inplanted a 
 defibulator/pace maker and they also called in an endocrinologist. She said
that my
 husband's tests show that he is genetically predisposed to develope diabetes
 will be there within the year unless he makes diet changes. She also said that
the treatment for type 2 now is to take 10 pills per day!  I'm sure that is 
 only for those who are still producing insulin. She also said something about a
prevention program.  The only thing I've ever heard about is the experiment 
with children who took small amounts of insulin to try to prevent the onset of 
 diabetes. I thought this was discontinued as it was determined that it was not
This frightening experience is serving as a wake up call.  I have told Cory 
that he is going to cut way back on the fats in his diet.  Although, he 
 generally has real good A1c's, his eating habits have really gotten lousey
since he
went on the pump.  He quickly learned that he could eat whatever he wanted, as 
long as he bolused properly for it.  Now I've got to backtrack and teach good 
Susan - Grandmother of Cory, age 14 dx'd @ 9, pumping @ 11
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