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Re: [IP] need your help now !!!

Can Pepsi has 41 carbs,  Coke is 36-38  I'm guessing that a fountain 
drink would be a little less

email @ redacted wrote:

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>Just got home from Taco John's.  Didn't have my Diastix with me,so couldn't 
>test the pop. About 1/2way through my glass of pop, I was wondering if it 
> tasted right. (I can't tell the difference btwn Regular and Diet at all).
>not to finish it and came home and tested it for sugar.  Sure enough, it 
>ISN"T diet.
>I am trying to find out how many carbs are in 12 oz of fountain Pepsi.  I 
>have looked up coke on a few different sites and they CHO listed varies 
> significantly and I am really sensitive to insulin and am afraid of bottoming
>We have a "real" bottle of Coke that lists 27 CHO per 8 oz.  McDonald's 
> website states 28 CHO for 12 oz. So there must be different carbs for bottled
>fountain drinks?  
>Is there a difference btwn Pepsi and coke?  I found Pepsi in only 1 place and 
>the carbs listed were really high, so not sure if this was for bottled or 
>Please help
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