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Re: [IP] Too much insulin?

"R. Kersting" Wrote:

<<<It seems if
I take too much insulin, I don't have radical lows like
most do, I have radical highs.... while i'm not complaining, i'm confused.
why is
it, I can get lows on a lower amount, but if I overshoot, I go high?>>>

Although I don't really know the answer (sigh), I've seen it happen by some
people.  Once they reduced their insulin doses, their BG's leveled out, as
funny as it sounds.
I know that by type 2 diabetics there is a phenomenon (according to some
doctors) that hyperinsulinisim (too much insulin) would lead to insulin
resistance (insulin not working well).  Maybe it's somehow related.  Who

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Jewish Friends With Diabetes
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