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Re: [IP] need your help now !!!

> I am trying to find out how many carbs are in 12 oz of fountain Pepsi.  I 
> have looked up coke on a few different sites and they CHO listed varies 
 > significantly and I am really sensitive to insulin and am afraid of bottoming
> out.

You may have some problems trying to cover the soda with insulin. I see 
this 'episode' happened about 2 hours ago, so this may or may not be 

For several years I tried to stay entirely away from artificial 
sweeteners. I dabbled (ok I guzzled) with Coke and Mountain Dew and all 
those other wonderful beverages I know I "shouldn't" have. What I've found 
out was if I bolused for the carbs on the bottle, I'd be fine for about an 
hour or two, and then totally crash once the insulin totally kicked in. If 
I was impatient and tested about 1.5 hours after drinking the soda, I'd 
usually be high (not too high though). I also found that if I drank the 
soda with a meal, the carbs were a bit easier to cover and things went a 
bit more smoothly.

Not sure if this helps. I've drank alot of soda in the past, don't panic, 
you'll be ok in the end.

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