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[IP] need your help now !!!

Just got home from Taco John's.  Didn't have my Diastix with me,so couldn't 
test the pop. About 1/2way through my glass of pop, I was wondering if it 
 tasted right. (I can't tell the difference btwn Regular and Diet at all).
not to finish it and came home and tested it for sugar.  Sure enough, it 
ISN"T diet.

I am trying to find out how many carbs are in 12 oz of fountain Pepsi.  I 
have looked up coke on a few different sites and they CHO listed varies 
 significantly and I am really sensitive to insulin and am afraid of bottoming

We have a "real" bottle of Coke that lists 27 CHO per 8 oz.  McDonald's 
 website states 28 CHO for 12 oz. So there must be different carbs for bottled
fountain drinks?  

Is there a difference btwn Pepsi and coke?  I found Pepsi in only 1 place and 
the carbs listed were really high, so not sure if this was for bottled or 

Please help

Julie   (please save your cancelled postage stamps.  Leave a 1/4-1/2 inch
           border around the stamps and mail them to:
           Mr Maynard Guss    9593 NW 26th Place  Sunrise, FL  33322.
           Please indicate these stamps are for ASAP.
          This is an on-going fund-raiser for an organization called ASAP.
  <A HREF="www.asap4sm.org">www.asap.org</A> My daughter has Chiari, a rare
brain disorder)
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