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[IP] Glass Syringes

Jan wrote:
>I recall very seldom Mom boiling my syringe/26g
>needle. They were kept in a creamed herring jar with a Jif P.B. lid that
>replaced the rusted one. I still have the syringe/needle/jar/lid.

This is great, remembering what we did then.  I kept my glass syringe upside
down in a tiny bottle of alcohol (the hole at the top of the bottle was
smaller than the little finger grips on the syringe and the bottle was taller
than the syringe so the tip was suspended and didn't touch the bottom of the
bottle).  Once a week, I boiled the syringe and needle by putting them in a
metal strainer (yes, it was a kitchen type) lowered into a saucepan of water.
I actually did that.  Amazing to me now.  And I'm smiling and shaking my
Lee & Beep
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