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Re: [IP] Re: boiling glass syringes

Ah, Yes!  The good old days!!!:)
 Remember the feeling of ripping flesh as you pulled the needle out?  
BTW, still have my whetstone, saw it a few yrs ago  with some old 
syringes, needles  and cleanout wires.

Joel Goodman wrote:

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>We used a cute little "serilizer" that was white ceramic pottery with a
>stainless steel tray.  We would put the glass syringes into it and plug it
>in and it would boil for several minutes.  Then we would let the syringes
>air dry and fill 'em up.  I still have the old syringes and my circa 1956
>gram scale.  Joel
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>>>I still have some glass syringes, and the markings are quite readable,
>>>probably because I didn't boil them very often. I kept the one I was
>>>currently using, along with the reusable needle,  in alcohol (usually
>>>rubbing alcohol), which at that time seemed to work ok.
>>>Tom Beatson
>>>dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
>>Yep, Tom, me too, also. I recall very seldom Mom boiling my syringe/26g
>>needle. They were kept in a creamed herring jar with a Jif P.B. lid that
>>replaced the rusted one. I still have the syringe/needle/jar/lid.
>>I couldn't
>>find the whetstone we sharpened the needle with to display at the
>>BASH. The
>>others were displayed. Oh, I was told by a pharmacist that I
>>should use 90%
>>alcohol instead of the 70% rubbing alcohol since that was what
>>caused DMers
>>to go blind.
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