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RE: [IP] Re: boiling glass syringes

We used a cute little "serilizer" that was white ceramic pottery with a
stainless steel tray.  We would put the glass syringes into it and plug it
in and it would boil for several minutes.  Then we would let the syringes
air dry and fill 'em up.  I still have the old syringes and my circa 1956
gram scale.  Joel

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> > I still have some glass syringes, and the markings are quite readable,
> > probably because I didn't boil them very often. I kept the one I was
> > currently using, along with the reusable needle,  in alcohol (usually
> > rubbing alcohol), which at that time seemed to work ok.
> >
> > Tom Beatson
> > dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
> Yep, Tom, me too, also. I recall very seldom Mom boiling my syringe/26g
> needle. They were kept in a creamed herring jar with a Jif P.B. lid that
> replaced the rusted one. I still have the syringe/needle/jar/lid.
> I couldn't
> find the whetstone we sharpened the needle with to display at the
> BASH. The
> others were displayed. Oh, I was told by a pharmacist that I
> should use 90%
> alcohol instead of the 70% rubbing alcohol since that was what
> caused DMers
> to go blind.
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