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In a message dated 8/8/2003 10:08:09 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Yes, we have to be appreciative.  However, my sister and I are both Type I 
> and
> Mom keeps giving us sugar free Coffee candies.  I greatly appreciate Mom and
> her giving, but I hate Coffee candies.
> I need another suggestion for Mom........

When I first got on Lantus/Humalog, I was sooo excited!  Eat what I want when 
I want, good numbers YEA!  I was telling my mom over the phone about all this 
and she would say a lot of "you sure about that?" and the "ok".  A few months 
later we went to their house for Christmas.  When we got there I showed her 
my readings everytime I checked my sugars (I was still so excited about the 
numbers too), and she started smiling and she was happy and excited too.  Then 
after dinner when I had dessert, my dad says "Hey Karen, should you be eating 
that?"  and I said "Yea Dad, I can eat whatever I want whenever I want, it's 
wonderful!"  He said "Are you sure?", then my mom jumped in and said "It's ok 
 honey, she's doing fine, " Then he looks at my husband with a funny look and my
husband shrugs his shoulders and says "She got this new doctor and it's 
 great." My dad's reply "You sure about this doctor?" I had to laugh. The truth
is, when my doc told me I could live like this, I said "what? you sure?"  I 
 never ever ever had a diabetic doctor tell me that I could eat what I want when
want and have better numbers, so of course my parents couldn't believe it 
 either at first. Showing my mom my bs readings did it for her. Now for gifts I
get those choc. covered cherries from Harry and Davids, and they are WONDERFUL!
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