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Re: [IP] keep it cold?

That's what they told me a few months ago when I started using it too.  
That's why I switched to pens. (I'm not on the pump yet).  I feel 
better wasting a 300 unit pen rather than a 1000 unit vial.

The mix is only good for something like 10 days once opened. (I don't 
remember, and a pen doesn't last me that long).

At 11:03 PM 8/8/03, jmb wrote: 
>RoseLea, i think you might be confusing it with Lantus, it is only 
good for 
>28 days after 
>opened no matter what. 
No, when I first went on the pump in 2000 (Lantus wasn't around then) I 
called Lilly and asked about Humalog. They told me once opened, it was 
good for 28 days even if refrigerated. Sorry, but that's what they told 
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